Friday, June 28, 2013

Do you have a Disney Princess lover?

Then this is the thing for you! Target has a FREE Disney Princess activity book download. It is 20 pages long. Though DD is just a little too young for this, I downloaded it and saved it for use later. I cannot wait to make her going to Disney packet next year!

Disney Princess Activity Book

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Saving for Disney

Wanting to go to Disney World rather desperately but it is not going to happen this year. I am hoping against hope that next year will be the year! Even if it is a super budget trip. I am saving to go. I am saving every little penny I come across to go on vacation. Now, that sounds easy enough but I don't work outside of the home. My husband is a federal employee and is being furloughed which effectively cuts out 20% of his pay. Living on one pay check can be trying at times. So, I "find" money. I do a few rewards programs to pay for some things like a sit down meal at Rain Forest Cafe. It makes taking all those surveys worth it!

When I have a few extra dollars in my checking account I shuffle it to an interest bearing savings account. This way my money will make more money for me. Free money!

I do not like the school of thought that says to save your vacation money by purchasing gift cards. Sure, it makes it so that you cannot spend that money on something else. But it makes it so you cannot spend that money on something else. When a pipe breaks Home Depot does not take Disney gift cards in exchange for new tools and pipes. And yes, I have been there.  Plus your money doesn't make more money for you. I would rather put it in a difficult to get to savings account.