Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I miss Disney. Some people miss home or people or whatnot but I MISS Disney. I want to go back so bad. We are going to visit Sister in Nashville and Robs family in upstate New York in July. No Disney this year. You wanna know the worst part? This was MY idea! I don't think I want to deal with bottles, formula, and baby food while on vacation. It just doesn't sound fun. So I said let's just go see your family! Yeah, I am going to have to deal with all that stuff anyway, should have done it in Disney. LOL...I keep looking at stuff and trying to plan. The other day I was actually craving Tusker House breakfast. It is a tradition in our family to eat at Donald's Breakfast Safari at Tusker House in Animal Kingdom. This breakfast buffet has your typical breakfast fare and some African specialties thrown in. I don't particularly care for buffets but love this one. The food is yummy and even better~ They have Jungle Juice. Jungle Juice is something like Mango Guava Passionfruit. I think that is the combination. All I know is I love the stuff! Another great point is that they have characters! Donald, Goofy, Daisy and Mickey were who we met last May, though characters can and will change. Donald is the only one guaranteed.
Disney has a few deals going on right now! One is 15-30% off room rates at Disney May 2nd to August 14th. If you are interested in going to Disney, remember you know a travel agent! contact me at adisneytravelagent@gmail.com

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