Monday, May 24, 2010

Making stuff at home- a microwave popcorn recipe!

There are a lot of things that we pay for in the store that we could make ourselves to save money. When I make chocolate chip cookies, I always double the recipe (everything but the chocolate chips) and we end up with a ton of cookies. There are only the three of us and the baby but she doesn't eat food yet. So, I started making cookie dough balls. I freeze them on a cookie sheet and put a dozen in a bag once they are frozen. Then, the next time we want cookies I just grab some out a bag out of the freezer. Cook like you normally would they just take a few minutes longer. I figure they are good for at least 6 months in the freezer. I don't think any have lasted longer than that in mine. I make waffles and freeze and bag them too. I can make them infinitely cheaper than they do in the store. Your kids like those french toast sticks? Make some french toast, cut into strips and freeze. Microwave when you want to eat them. I took the attitude that if a factory can make it, so can I. I just have to find a recipe. The internet has an abundance of those! Tonight I made microwave popcorn. It is not hard and there is nothing special about it. You just put about a third of a cup of popcorn in a container with a loose lid and put in the microwave. Times will vary from one microwave to the next. My suggestion is to start at 5 mins and watch it. When the kernels are popping slower, it is done. If you like butter on yours, throw a pat on top of the kernels before microwaving. How nifty is that?

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