Thursday, October 21, 2010

A cheap ball pit

I am always on the look out for a good deal or a way to save some pennies. The more pennies I save in every day life, the more pennies I have to go back to Disney World! Anyway, I saw this a couple months ago and decided to give it a try. We bought an infant pool and then some ball pit balls. The pool was $10 and the ball pit balls were $10 at Walmart for 100 balls. So, we spent a $20 for a ball pit! Now, tell me why I really really want to buy the oh so cute Mickey Mouse one at Toys R Us for $50? I am resisting!


Day 2 Day Living said...

Wish I would've thought of that when the kids were younger. Think the dogs would like it?

Queen Bug said...

We've been avoiding the ball pitt! I am sure our kids would pick up the 100 balls if they got all over the place, but I don't want that one off chance that they get all the balls all over the yard and I end up picking it up!