Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I did my bloggy rounds today. A few posted of losses in their life. My twenties were rough. I got very ill and came very close to dying. My ex has Mesothelioma. He was not supposed to live to see 35. He is doing good and will be 35 in a couple of months. But, coming that close to death and watching one you love get sicker give you a whole new perspective on life. I try my best not to let the little things in life get to me. I try to look for the good. I do my best to believe in Karma. And if it can get someone else, well, it can get me too. So I watch for that. I have a wonderful 14 year old son and a beautiful 10 month old daughter. My son has high functioning autism. It is not always and easy thing to live with. Some days are great and some are not so great. My sister told me a story about something she witnessed at the grocery store. She saw a boy, too old to be in a cart, banging and making noise. He was loud but she said you could look at him and clearly tell 'something was not right'. Sometimes you can look and tell, and sometimes you can't. Anyway, at some point some man decided to complain about him to the parents. When they tried to explain, he then told them they shouldn't take him out in public. (!!!! really?) She stepped in and asked why they were explaining to an idiot? Good job sister!!! Now my son is 14 years old. He knows how to behave in public. Does he always? no. But that is the nature of the beast that is autism. We cannot control the good days or the bad. We can only go with the flow. We can only hope that at 14 he doesn't start crying in the store for some odd reason. And, yes he does sometimes. I don't drive so Robbie has to take me and that means both kids have to go. I am sorry if having my child in public bothers some people. How do these people expect these kids to learn appropriate behavior? It takes practice and you have to do that in a real environment. So please, the next time you see something like this, have a little patience. Though I do not excuse bratty behavior. Just the honest ones. Have you seen the article about the restaurant in North Carolina? I love it!


Queen Bug said...

You've been through a lot! I know how you feel. I almost died in July of this year and it definitely puts things into perspective! I am going to follow your blog. It's very pretty!

Ms Bibi said...

It breaks my heart to see adults being so ignorant.
My nephew I help to take care of is 8 years old with high functioning autism and my oldest is a diabetic with ADHD so I've been dealing with ignorance and arrogance for many years now.

Kudos to your sister. I wish more people would be like her.

Disney Traveling Family said...

Thanks guys! Life has its challenges but as long as you have the strength to get through, it is all good.