Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A great deal on body wash at Walgreens and a great deal on cereal at Publix

First, I had to get a prescription filled at Walgreens yesterday. I noticed they have Nivea body wash on sale 2 for $5. In Sundays paper there were coupons. I have one for $3 off any one bottle Nivea body wash, one for $1 off any one bottle Nivea body wash, and one for $3 off any body wash. When I do my math, you can get two bottles for as little as $1! That is 50 CENTS each for body wash! Or you can use all three coupons and get three body washes for 50 cents TOTAL!

Ok, on to Publix. Publix has/will have depending on where you live, General Mills cereals BOGO for up to $3.89. My store allows you to use one coupon for each item. There are some $1 off coupons at www.target.com www.smartsource.com and at www.coupons.com. When I do my math, I am getting a 16 to 17oz box of cereal for 95 cents. At this price, I plan to stock up!

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