Friday, March 12, 2010

Walmart Irritates Me

Walmart these days is a necessary evil. They are the cheapest place around for the few groceries that we buy. Our Walmart has been eliminating products and/or brands. Of course the only reason I know this is that they are eliminating half the stuff I buy! For instance, Tony Sacherie's (spelling???) dirty rice. They are the best brand around and they no longer carry it!!! They carry the brand but only for a few things. Now I have to use their brand when they have it or pay almost double for the other brand. I won't buy the other brand, it is just gross. Anyway, my point to this post. We were shopping one day a few weeks ago and were buying a pepperoni stick. Homemade pizza is the best! Anyway, we were in the aisle and Robbie was getting the pepperoni and some parmesan cheese that we needed. Me? Well, I space sometimes and generally live in my own little world. So I was of course not paying attention to him, I was looking at the Mexican food stuff. They have cumin in a bag for like 84 cents. The week before we bought some in the seasoning aisle (where cumin should be BTW) for around $4!!! I HATE paying more than I have to. I hate even more finding something I just bought for less. It sucks and I always feel a little ripped off. Well, as I am complaining to boyfriend about over paying for the cumin the week before I notice they have these giant jars of bouillon granules. Now I know they are bad for you but you do need them for some things. But these giant containers are only $5! The little Wylers jar is over 2 bucks! So the lesson I learned was not to trust Walmart and to look in the odd places for cheaper stuff! I am suspicious now so I look at the Mexican and Oriental food aisle much more closely these days. Ya just never know what you are going to find.


Remodelaholic said...

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Melissa said...

You know after you told me this I went and looked! I was so excited to find that jar for $3.75 or so. I didn't get the real big one though. I was so excited, and I seen the cumin for .84 but didn't know how to keep it. I mean ya can't keep it in that bag. Any suggestions on that one?

Disney Traveling Family said...

We just put the cumin we bought in a spice jar I already had. But you could just put it in a zipper baggie. That would keep it fresh too.