Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Who knew babies had opinions?

You would think that since humans haven't changed in a few thousand years that raising kids wouldn't have changed all that much either. Apparently while my son was racing his way to the teen years, all sorts of crazy things have happened. When we had to start shopping for gear for Olivia I was just amazed at all the stuff there is for parents these days. I know I didn't have even half of all this stuff for Zach and he is only 13 years old. I am not sure if it is to try to make a parents life easier or just to make you feel like you need it. Though Olivia just loves being in her stroller when we are out, sometimes it is just very inconvenient to take the stroller out. Sometimes we just don't feel like carrying around the carrier carseat. I didn't want one of those to begin with. Rob wanted it so we got one. Works great, got a Graco Snugride. I really wish they would have had the Mickey design out sooner! So, when you don't want to grab the stroller or carry the car seat, what do you do? You use a baby carrier of course! Baby wearing is nothing new. Women have been doing this for centuries. So we bought me a cute Jelly Bean Sling. I liked it. Turns out, the baby has to like it too. Olivia hates that thing. Every time we try to put her in it she starts crying. She already has strong opinions. Gonna be just like her mother! My only complaint about it was that, by their directions, I needed a small. Reality, I needed a large and probably would have been more comfortable with an extra large. I am a small person and it was a tight fit. The sling completely closed her in and covered her up. Which was good when she was really small, still liked being wrapped up in blankets and needed to be shielded from germs. She is 3 months old now and wants to look around. She can't do that laying down in the sling. I am not sure she can really see the lights in the sling. We did go out last weekend and bought a Jeep brand carrier. It has her upright on my chest. The weight feels more evenly distributed too. One suggestion, Don't decide to walk a mile at the track while carrying a three month old in a carrier. After a while the 12 pound baby gets really really heavy!


Melissa said...

See if you would just take Oz along w/ you, then you wouldn't have to worry about a 12 lb baby getting heavy! Just strap her on to his back!

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