Saturday, February 12, 2011

I have been horrible with the menu this week. I hate when Boyfriend is on nights. Hopefully, after next year, no more nights. Here's to wishing! Boyfriend is an instructor for the Navy. He is civilian but teaches Navy enlisted students. At the moment, his building is undergoing major refurbishment. Like they gutted the building and are rebuilding just not touching the outer layer of building. In the mean time, he is sharing a class room and system with a different course. Fun times. Anyway. When Boyfriend works nights we have our big family meal in the afternoon while he is home. We tried the Honey Chicken recipe earlier this week. I would repost the recipe but it wasn't to our liking. We will tweek it an then I will post when it is right.
Cute story... Boyfriend told me that when we first started dating that the people at work knew because he smiled and was no longer mad all the time. I love that I make him smile. I love that at the end of a long day, he smiles knowing he will come home to me.
Today, life is good. I think sometimes we all just need to stop and realize the small things that make life so wonderful.


Day 2 Day Living said...

Funny I had this same very thought just minutes before coming to read your blog.
I am slowing down, I am going to enjoy life more...and tomorrow I am gonna get to the fabric store so I can make my niece a blanket so her mom can have hers back!

Disney Traveling Family said...

Scary, us having the same thoughts. Thank you for making her a blanket! I would love to have mine back.