Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Disney's Value Resorts, A review

My first trip to Disney World was in 1978. I have no memories of that trip. My second trip was in 2001. I took my son when he was 5. That trip began the obsession with going back. We stayed onsite at Disney's All Star Sports Resort. I have been a total of 8 times now. Today I wanted to talk about the value resorts. Here is a link to some pictures and a list of the amenities: http://fairytalejourneys.com/value_resorts_11.html. We have stayed at three of the four value resorts. There are three All Star resorts, Music, Movies, and Sports. The other value resort is Pop Century. The only one I haven't stayed at is Movies. The values are just that, a value. Rates start at $82 a night, depending on the time of year you chose to go. Sports was great. Good food and good atmosphere. If your family are big sports fans you will love the over-sized theme of this resort. We did not care for Music. I have only stayed there once and it was only for a weekend trip. We got a great rate and this was the only value available. We are not a musical family, none of us plays an instrument, so the theme just didn't work for us. We love Pop Century. The food is great. The theme is fantastic. Pop doesn't share buses with any other resort. We never waited very long for a bus at any of the values though. The rooms at the values are small but you can make it work. I just tend to over-pack for any trip. The pools are just a basic pool. They don't have water slides. But we liked the pools at Pop best. In our opinion, the value resorts are a great value. A small price to stay on property and you still get all the benefits of a resort guest!
There are plenty of great deals out there right now! Email me at angelal@fairytalejourneys.com for a quote.
For a limited time...Value resort vacation with flight, hotel, and tickets starting at just $97 per person per night. Five-day advance purchase required
Prices are per person, per night based on quad occupancy and do not include a $3.70 federal excise tax per takeoff and landing, airport taxes of up to $18 roundtrip per person, and a federal September 11th Security Fee of up to $10 roundtrip per person. Some blackout dates apply, must be booked by March 27, 2010. Travel dates until August 13, 2010.


Together We Save said...

When we went to disney we stayed at the All star sports resort... it was lots of fun. I would love to go back but with a family of 5 it is tough to do.

Disney Traveling Family said...

There are some great deals out right now. And there are rumors of free dining happening again in September! And, though a lot people don't know it, staying offsite can be very economical.

Heather @ Two Little Monkeys said...

I have never been to Disney and I would love to go. I think we are going to wait until D.D is old enough to enjoy it.

tsue said...

Following from Friday Follow and glad I did.

Have been to Disney twice myself, as a child in 1978 lol and when my 14yr old daughter was five.

I'm determined to take my son this year. He's eight. He did get to go when my daughter went, unfortunately, as he was still gestating, he didn't get much benefit.

I'm really struggling with resort choice. It's hard to turn down the value of the Value resorts, but the other levels are so tempting. I really appreciated your comments on the Value Resorts.
My concern is the ambiance.

Based upon your experience, do the Value Resorts offer enough WOW factor for my son to have his socks knocked off?