Thursday, February 18, 2010

Homeschool and Disney???

We home school my 13 year old son. Z has ADHD and high functioning autism. Part of his autism had manifested itself in anxiety. The public school district here is horrible. We tried private Catholic school. He did ok but was having organizational problems. Very common for kids like him. Then eighth grade started to roll around. He started to have more and more anxiety problems and they tend to stem from being around large groups. He loved school but just wasn't able to handle being around the many kids and all the stuff that comes with changing classes and middle school. So, two days before school started we made the decision to home school. There is nothing like making last minute decisions. He takes some classes online through a virtual school and some classes we do. For a foreign language he decided to take Japanese. Crazy, I know. His goal is to be a video game designer for Nintendo. He needs to be able to talk to them so he is learning Japanese. These lessons are also free. Check them out at There are whole bunch of free language lessons. Free just happens to be my favorite price.
Sorry, I ramble. Anyway, I was playing around on my favorite Disney board, DisBoards. Someone mentions that they are trying to organize a YES trip. OMG!!! Disney does special classes for kids! How did I miss this? I know about Home School Days in January. But any time of year you can organize these classes. You just need 10 participating students. They have classes from K thru 12. How cool is that? Just another reason for me to go back to Disney. And now it is justified as educational. I am thinking of trying to organize a group for May 2011. That is when I am planning our next trip down.


Shell said...

How exciting! I'd love an excuse to take my boys to Disney again.

Disney Traveling Family said...

Shell, how old are your boys? There are rumors that Disney will be offering the free dining promotion again this year. I will post about it as soon as I hear one way or the other. If you ever just want a quote let me know!

Melissa said... will do anything to justify a trip to Disney won't ya?!?