Saturday, February 20, 2010

I mentioned on Saturday that I am all about saving money. And I am, though I also know my limits. I am very very bad at coupons. My sister rocks the whole coupon thing. I clip them, then leave them at home. I know I should be better. Most coupons don't work for me though. I make everything I can. Bread, pasta, hot pockets, pizza, biscuits, english muffins, cookies, all from scratch. It takes 20 minutes to make brownies from a box or from scratch. And scratch tastes better. Plus I can control what goes in it. We buy meat at the butcher. If you have one near, you should drop in one day and ask questions. We pay $150 and get enough meat, a variety, to last almost two months for the three of us.
I have recently started re-purposing things around the house. I buy ice cream in the gallon size buckets. These are great for Legos, barbie accessories, laundry soap, they have a ton of uses. Mayfield had a square container the other day. I got way to excited about the container and not the fact that I would have ice cream once again. It was just sad. We buy the big containers of shampoo and conditioner, the ones with the pump. I turned one into a hand soap dispenser the other day. It is a little large but it works and cost me nothing. Did you know you can make the foam soap yourself? Just buy the soap once so you have the pump. They have a different pump than other soap dispensers. Then just buy the regular refill soap. Fill your foam soap container a quarter of the way with soap. Fill the rest of the way with water. Shake well. You have just make foamy soap! Now doesn't it just KILL you to know you have been spending all that money on water?
Have a great weekend everyone!

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Melissa said...

And my husband threw my last foamy pumpy thing away. I almost killed him because I was gonna do that!